Monday, July 4, 2011

Founding Farmers Restaurant!!!!!

I am so glad that we did not find this restaurant until the later half of the week, or breakfast, lunch and dinner would have been eaten here!  It really was THAT good!  I knew about the restaurant from an "off the beaten path" book that I have on D.C, but I didn't want to go somewhere with such good reviews alone. I wanted to wait for Graham to share it with him, and possibly have someone to share a meal with, as portions in the U.S, always seem to be ridiculously HUGE! (Mom, remember the HUGE orange juice at in Oklahoma, at Cracker Barrel?!?!?!)

This will be a blog about the lunch, and two dinners that we had at Founding Farmers.  The menu is amazing, and we could have tried everything, but we tried to keep our main light by eating salad and sharing it.  The portions were still so big, and the salad was THAT good that we ate it each time we came!

If you want to read up on the restaurant's philosophy of eating green and local, read here, here and here!  The concept of local and fresh food, drinks, cocktails, and homemade rye, is fantastic, and something that I really wish we had closer to home (I know that we do have some places with similar philosophy's, but nowhere with prices where 2 handmade drinks, a starter of large proportion, a huge main and dessert would only cost $40!!!!!!).  If you live in/near/visit Washington, D.C, please go check this place out, but make sure you make reservations, or you will be waiting an hour or so!
The interior of the restaurant is so fun!  It is full of all things growing/grown and decorated with animal EVERYTHING!  So fun!

Pickled veggies to greet you when you walk in the door!

Super fun coat hangers!

I would love a birdie lamp like these in our office.  I just think they are so creative!

We will NEVER have a bar stocked this well!  :(

A simple, yet rustic interior!

NOW ONTO THE GOOD STUFF!  The food and drink!

Day 1, Thursday!

Graham enjoying the VERY moreish, Popcorn of the Day: Old Bay Seasoning

The most ridiculously addictive, Johnny's Nuts: BBQ Seasoned with raisins and trail mix!

The most delicious and refreshing summer drink we have ever had!  Cranberry and Cucumber Cooler: Non-alcholic and AMAZING!  We have since tried to recreate this at home, because we couldn't get enough!

Graham's 17 Vegetable Salad: a little bit of everything, and the BEST SALAD WE HAVE EVER HAD!  I made this for dinner last night, and while it wasn't quite the same, it was still TO DIE FOR!

The most AMAZING Fish and Chips and Crisps: Homemade chips, beer battered fish, homemade potato chips, homemade ketchup and tartar sauce!!!!! Graham even said that they are the BEST fish and chips he has ever eaten, which is shocking for someone from England!!!!!!!

We were so full, we couldn't even look at the dessert menu.  Next time, we share!

Day 2: Friday night dinner!!!

Not Graham's favourite, as he prefers his without whole corn kernals in it...but still YUMMY!  Skillet cornbread: with honey and a homemade sea salt butter!

Another delicious salad.  Not as good as yesterday's but still delicious!  True Chef Salad: with honey ham, roast chicken, roast beef and TONS of veg!  The best roast beets we have EVER had!  SO GOOD!

 This came out, almost the size of our HEAD! We couldn't believe it! Thank goodness we shared! The most moist CARROT CAKE: with raisins and cream cheese frosting, beside a homemade vanilla bean ice cream!

Our last meal in D.C.  Graham really didn't want to leave, and wished we could have come back for breakfast, but with a 3:30am wake up call, that was not going to happen!  It was a great way to end our time in D.C!

Day 3: dinner and cocktails!

Our Mixologist!  We told him what liquor and flavours we liked and he just went to town!

Graham's bartender making his CRAZY, SPICY, YUMMY cocktail!

A very potent and delicious, Bourbon Sizzler!

Graham's very spicy, but delcious cocktail, The Bone: a bourbon and tobasco cocktail with a BACON LOLLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Graham let me have the first bite of his bacon lolli and OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!  They were so good, we decided to order them from their appetizer menu!  Shame we tried these on the last day!!!

OH MY GOODNESS!  Words cannot describe how amazing these are!  Bacon Lollis: Cinnamon and Brown Sugar coated bacon!  I am salivating just thinking about these!

The 17 Vegetable Salad again, because it was THAT good the first time!

I was DYING to try these when I saw them come out yesterday!  Beignets (homemade pillowy donut-like yumminess): with Raspberry coulis, dark chocolate sauce and salted caramel bourbon sauce!  YUM!

Well, thank goodness we shared!  Our experience overall was fantastic and we are desperately wishing that someone opens a restaurant like this closer to home!



It does look good!

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