Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Police...

I had a very special order that had to be done this week, that I was very excited about!  It was for a Police party and the order was the most fun one I have had to do yet! 

I was given specific instructions:  "Choose what you want to do, and what you do best!  Here's the amount that we need, and if you could do some sugar cookies with a police theme, that would be great! Otherwise, just go for what you think is best!"  NOW THAT'S MY KIND OF FUN!

So Tuesday night I set off to make 2 dozen sugar cookies, so that I could decorate them Wed and put any fine details on that night, letting them dry overnight and package on Thursday!  If you've ever made sugar cookies, especially with fine details, you know that it's not a one day job, and you want them to dry perfectly, otherwise all you're hard work will be smudged!

Wed, I also made cake pops for this order, and today I got up at 6am, to make and decorate cupcakes!  It was SO much fun and I think I enjoyed it as much I have now heard those eating them!!!!  SUCCESS!

Black Forest Cake Pops, with a tart, dried cherry on top!

Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake Pops!  YUM!

Birthday Cake Pops (vanilla cake, buttercream frosting and white chocolate)!

Police Car sugar cookies!

Country Pride!!!

Chocolate cupcakes with a peanut butter and milk chocolate cream cheese swirl frosting!


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