Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ex-Torontonians have a lazy day in the city!

I LOVE my husband.  I LOVE it even more when he has a long weekend that we can fill with relaxing, going to the movies, going out to eat and cooking together.  It's extra nice when we can fit in a walk or two, along the beach, some Perfect Dark on N64 and a few glasses of wine or a cocktail or two.

Today, we took off in the morning to Toronto.  The "plan" was to get coffee in Kensington Market, followed by lunch, at our favourite place on Augusta... the Burger Bar and Tequila Tavern.  We then wanted to walk along the beach and just sit under some shade and watch the families play in the water and build sand castles (it's relaxing!).

First stop, was coffee (we're decaf people, but Graham loves his coffee anyway).  We went to Wanda's Pie in the Sky .  While we did not have the pie, Graham has a delicious cappucino, and I was hoping to have their affagatto (ice cream with decaf (for me) espresso), but they forgot to turn on their machine.  They were very kind in offering me something else (I had a mochaccio, which was too sweet, but ok) and a cookie of my choice for the mistake.  I chose a french style pistachio macaroon, and it was DELICIOUS!

 After a nice walk around Kensington, we made a stop at the Blue Banana Market, a store that has so many quirky and cool gifts.  They always have fun kitchen item displays, and really fun snacks, jewellery, paintings and kitchen gadgets.  I was giddy when I saw some REALLY cute/pretty cupcake liners (but sadly, did not want to pay the ridiculous prices that stores like this charge for "specialty" items) and CHICAGO MIX POPCORN!!!!!!!!!!!  Now that was something that I was NOT going to walk away from!  Yummy!  If you haven't ever had it, it's the perfect mix of salty and sweet popcorn, with half the bag a caramel corn and half a cheddar cheese.  Again, sounds gross, but DELICIOUS!

Aren't these just SO GIRLIE and cute!?!?!?!

Billi P.  It is your fault that I am now IN.LOVE with this flavour combo!  Thank goodness, I lived in Chicago and didn't know that it existed until I left!

 It was then off to the patio at The Burger Bar (which we found due to groupon!), they do these amazing sesame chicken sandwiches and bourbon sours. We were sure that they did lots of other yummy things too, but we had always stuck to the same order.  Mostly because the sandwich came with the most AMAZING sweet potato fries and chipotle ketchup that you'll ever eat, and the most simple and incredible rocket/arugula salad with deep fried garlic chips and a lemon vinagrette.  Mmm... Today, we opted to venture out of our normal food order and go for something different.

Graham had the "Dragon Bowl", with a chicken and green coconut curry broth, noodles, kimchi and sesame seeds etc.  He really liked it, but missed the salad and fries (don't worry, he always eats more than half of mine!).  It was a HUGE portion, and if we weren't spending the rest of the day in Toronto, he could have taken enough home for, at least another meal!

I had the Azul brunch.  It was 2 poached eggs on a thin slice of toast, with wilted spinach, house smoked salmon and dijonnaise, the salad and the fries.  I would like to say it was a "home run", but there were 2 measly pieces of salmon on top of each egg, the size of a loonie.  A bit pathetic really, but still delicious.  If Graham was at all interested in trying the egg part of my dish, he would have made me send it back, but I wasn't in the mood to have him eat alone, while I wait.  That, and I am not at particular as he is anyway. 

 We each enjoyed our favourite bourbon sours, with a meringue foam (sounds weird, but OH.MY!), and sat under the umbrella, just people watching and enjoying lunch together.  What is it about one extra day on a weekend that makes you feel TOTALLY relaxed?

We ended the day with a nice walk along the beach in the beaches, and an ice cream to share (we LOVE to share for portion control! :).

A perfect day in Toronto!


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