Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm not usually a glutten, but today, I was a PIG :(

I LOVE icecream.  Gelato.  Sorbet.  Frozen Yogurt (FRO-YO!).  You know, anything in that catergory.  i DO NOT however, love ice milk.  Gross.

I am a big fan of getting ice cream on holidays, at the beach, on road trips or in different countries to experience flavour combos I never would at home.  But the buck usually stops there.

Due to my love for ice cream, but a tummy that doesn't depending on how much I eat, I tend to either not keep any in our own freezer, or keep small tubs.  I was GIDDY when I went to the grocery store and they now started selling MINI tubs. 

Anyone who has ever been to our house, or eaten ice cream at home with me, knows three things about me:

1) I can buy a haagen-daas sized tub and eat 3-4 spoonfuls, put it back in the freezer and not touch it again for days...usually taking a month to finish a tub

2) I am an anti-digger.  Graham faces the consequences by being banished to his own tub of ice cream in the freezer, as everytime I went for my few spoonfuls, all I got was ice cream and ZERO chunks/flavour bits in it!  I will not share my ice cream if you are a digger.  NO MATTER IF YOU'RE MY MOM, HUSBAND OR BEST FRIEND.  It's just not cool to steal all the bits.  You hear me?

3) I am not a BORING flavours person when it comes to anything really, especially my ice cream or sweets.  No cherry, orange, lemon, lime, chocolate, strawberry or vanilla anything for me.  It's usually something like: chocolate peanut butter, cookie dough, hazelnut (gelato), watermelon (sorbet) etc.  I am not a "classic" type of girl, and I like to live on the adventurous/wild side (in both food and life).

Today, in the comfort of my own car (where my husband couldn't stare in shock at me), across the border in the U.S, I defied all of my rules.  Seriously, the ice cream was THAT good, for all rules to be thrown out the window.  And I LOVE rules, most of the time, especially my own.

What could have been so good that I threw out the rules, dug away, and MIGHT or might not have eaten close to the entire tub?  (Don't even get me started on calories, I know...)

This bit of heaven.  It is EVERYTHING I could want in a tub of ice cream...if I can't find my favourite flavour: "Everything But The..."- try it and tell me it's not amazing!

Thank you, Jimmy Fallon! Vanilla bean ice cream with a SALTED CARAMEL swirl (it was heaven) & a Fudge covered POTATO CHIP cluster.  Yes, please! 

Good thing they don't have this at home, or I might have a reason to sneak away and eat in my car, in decadent silence more often.  Shh...don't tell my husband!


Stephanie Mosselman

kim had that in New York - funny. potato chips in ice cream - only a mosselman could love it.


That's certainly the most interesting flavour I've ever seen... fudge-covered chips in ice-cream?? Fudge-covered chips on their own would be weird enough! Sounds like it was yummy though!

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