Saturday, June 4, 2011 was supposed to have NO PLANS...Right...

So, this weekend was our first weekend in maybe over a year with NO plans.  No driving, no get togethers, no know NOTHING to do but what we thought was fun/relaxing.  Did that happen?  NO!

We did however, get alot done, that was on our "wish" list.  Things that we still needed to get for the house, that we haven't had a chance to get yet, or didn't find anything at the time we were looking.

Today our day ended up looking like this instead:

Go to Pickering Town Centre to sign up with a dentist that has evening and weekend hours- CHECK!

Go to Pickering Flea Market just to have fun, but mostly to look at their British Discount Shop- Check!  Buy 3 Nintendo 64 games for old school fun- CHECK!  Find apple fritter donuts just like at St. Jacobs Market!!!!!!!!!!!- CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go to the Pickering Ribfest.  Show Graham was good BBQ is- check, but then it rained, so we ate in our car!

Go to Home Outfitters to try to find chairs and a rug for our kitchen table/livingroom- we found a rug, which we took home and it just doesn't look right.  Have to take it back this week- UNCHECK

Go to Ikea to buy 4 more chairs that match our own, try to find chair pads to make them more comfortable, find a table runner and placemats- UNCHECK...chairs were discontinued, nothing else worth buying...had to go to Vaughan Ikea for chairs in the HALF CHECK.

Go to Wal-Mart to see if we can find chair pads, a table runner and placemats- half CHECK...we found 6 chair pads and need 2 more, and found nothing else.

By the time we got home, all I wanted to do was NOTHING.  Graham made a delicious tilapia and roasted veg dinner, and is now building all of our chairs.  What a good husband!

Tomorrow, I guess we have earned a true DO NOTHING day!


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