Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Birthday COLE!!!!!!!

Today was a very fun day!  We spent some time at St. Lawrence Market, shopping for baking goods for me (cookie cutters, silcone bakeware, a pasta machine for Graham and I and a giant hand pump sifter)!  I got almost everything that I needed and a little bit more of what I *wanted* :)

We then went to Brad, Sarah and Cole's to drop off a birthday gift for Cole and some special treats!!!  I used to LOVE baking for Cole and Cayenne, getting to experiment on new recipes out of my head or out of allergen cookbooks!  It was challenging for me to not use milk, butter and eggs (I'm DUTCH, come on!) and to figure out how to tweak rice milk, rice flour, flax seeds, applesauce and egg replacer in "normal" recipes that I had to make substitutions on!!!

Today, I brought Cole some cranberry, cinnamon bread, vegan chocolate cupcakes, homemade vanilla marshmallows and some new PJ's, shorts and Button down shirt from Carter's! So fun!

It was so great to see everyone again, but Cole made my day, when I took him downstairs after his nap, I showed him what I made him (he's SO much bigger and grown up now!!!) and he said, "CUPCAKE!  Open, please!" Without realizing it, while talking to Brad and Graham, Cole opened the double zip lock bag, reached his hand in, took one out and said, "CUPCAKE!" "Yum".  I don't think any of us could tell him, "No", so off he went to enjoy! 

Everytime I see them, it breaks my heart to leave, but makes me so happy to see how much he has grown (HELLO 3-4 WORD SENTENCES!!!)!  I can't wait to spend so more time with you soon!

Me and Cole!  Man, I miss him so much!



So cute! You really spoiled him! He really loved seeing you! A big thank you! What great sweets...

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