Saturday, August 27, 2011

Best FUN day out in ages!!!

Today, we had SUCH a great day!!!  We both came home, exhausted...but it was well worth it for all of the fun that we had today!

Today, we got to meet Cole's new brother, Luke and MAN IS HE CUTE!  He's so little, and it's hard to imagine that Cole was ever that small at one point!  He is the perfect mix of Brad and Sarah and we LOVED getting to spoil them all again!  It sinks in my heart everytime I am with them, how much I miss looking after Cole and Cayenne!

We then took Cole out for the day, so that Sarah, Brad and Luke could have some time together, while Cole had some fun one-on-one time!  It was already a busy morning, with present opening and Cole and Graham playing with his new toys at the house, while we were all catching up!  Cole slept the first hour (the car ride and the ferry to the Island), but once we arrived, he was ready for FUN!

We had a lovely picnic by the water, watching all of the boats and duckies...and then spent the rest of the day, enjoying the amusement rides!  Well, I didn't really, as I HATE rides, but Graham and Cole were in their glory!  The best thing about Centreville, is that if you have a child that doesn't meet the height requirement, you get to ride as an adult with them for FREE!  Or so we wasn't until the last ride of the day, where we were asked for double tickets, as only the carousel was supposed to be free for the parent of a small child!  Thanks staff for never paying attention to that!

The day was filled with TRAINS, BEARS, HORSES, REINDEER, the ZOO, pictures and much, much more.  Cole had a small nap on the way back home and Graham and I had never seen him so tired in our lives!!!  What a fun day had by all!  Enjoy these lovely photos of one of our favourite families!

Cole opening his present!  He's getting so big!

Me and baby Luke!  SO CUTE!

Graham teaching Cole how to slinky!

Cole's view for most of the day!

Cole spotted the reindeer from the line and was DESPERATE to ride it!  So cute!


We think that Cole's favourite part of the zoo, was the pony ride!

I have many cherished photos in this chair!  Today, it was Cole's turn!


Cole was obsessed with the BEARS!  He loved them so much and even patiently waited over 15 minutes in line to ride them!  It's a huge feat at anyone's age, let alone a 2 year old!

My favourite photo of the day!  Hilarious!


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