Sunday, August 28, 2011

Curry Night! Yum.......

It took me a few tries to finally like curry, but when you live in England for a stint of time (or most of your life in Graham's case!), you begin to branch out and try more and more of it!  It's REALLY popular in the UK, and they have some of the best curries I have ever had (Indian curries that is!).

Graham is a Vindaloo person, or a madras for sure, but I just can't handle that kind of heat!  I am a fan of enjoying my food, not having it sweat through my pores!  I just love the subtle, spicy flavours that some curries have, and the wide range of spices coming across my palate.  YUM!

I often eat madras with Graham, Daal (Lentil curry), or Tikka Masala.  He DOES NOT like Butter Chicken (too bad for his taste), but will eat a Korma with me if I bat my eyes long enough (or make sure it's the only one I have ingredients for in the house! HA!). 

Tonight, we had all the fixings!  Mango Chutney, Raita, Yogurt, Naan breads, Samosas and two homemade curries, made by my amazing husband!  It's so nice when he cooks on the weekend, as I do all of the lunches and dinners during the week!  We had a GREAT daal and a DELICIOUS Korma with rice.

Thanks babe, it was PERFECT!  My camera was steamed up, so the photos don't do it justice, but YUM!


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