Sunday, August 14, 2011

Graham's favourite!

I wanted to blog Graham's YUMMY dinner that he made today, but I was SO hungry and ready to eat by the time it hit the table, so I forgot!

It was a delicious meal of roast beef, roast potatoes (really, this is ALL he would need to make, to make me happy!), steamed broccoli and mashed swede (Rutebaga for the Canadians/Americans).  It was my first time having Swede, and it was...ok.  The meal was YUMMY, but the one thing that I'd change?  For some reason, Brits seem to think that AU JUS is GRAVY!!!!!!!  Gravy is thicker and sticks to your potatoes/meat and is decadentally (I know, probably not a word) delicious!  Au Jus...oh dear :)

Sorry hunny for forgetting to take a photo of all of your hard work!  To make up for it, at least I made your favourite breakfast this morning!!!

Baked Raspberry French Toast!



Silly Brits, Au Jus is for... well... it's realy not good for anything, but I suppose it could have a use somewhere. Gravy needs to be THICK! Oh boy, sorry Lee! Your breakfast looks delicious, though! We don't have ingredients in our house to do any fun cooking because we're trying to get rid of everything we have so we don't have to move it. That's why Helen got orange cranberry muffins out of a box for her first anniversary breakfast. Maybe next year can be more personal. :)


That looks, and sounds really good!

Lee-Anne and Graham

Agree! Au Jus is for...NOTHING! I LOVE LOVE LOVE thick gravy! YUM!

Heidi, I'll send you the recipe!

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