Monday, August 1, 2011

I LOVE organization!

I LOVE to be organized.  I love to be on time.  I love things in their right places.  I DO NOT love clutter.

One thing that has been driving me UP.THE.WALL. has been my baking cupboard!  Sprinkles here, sucker sticks there, varieties of cupcake liners, food colourings/gels, edible food markers and icing tips all over the cupboard.  They are usually neatly lined in their category, but it's a bit of a pain when you have to get a certain item from the back of the cupboard.  Needless to say, it was time for a BETTER solution.

I had a *lightbulb* of an idea this week, when I was getting something for Graham from his workshop downstairs.  If boxes are built for tools, nails, etc, then surely I can make shift something for my baking cupboard!

So, off to Canadian Tire I went.  I originally thought that I wanted a "normal" took know, the ones with the top "drawer" that comes out and leaves you with a big open space in the box underneath.  I even went as far as picking it up and walking down the aisle, until I saw something so much better and MUCH MORE AMAZING for organizing!  See, not only do I like to organize, but I like to compartmentalize as well (drawers, boxes, shelves for specific food items etc).

I was excited to get home, empty out my baking cupboard and complete my task.  I not only got everything in the box that I wanted/needed to, but it fits in the cupboard standing up, so that I can see everything pretty inside of it!

Here's my tip!!!! THAT'S better!


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