Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm all tapped out! OUCH!

With new Dr.'s comes those dreaded physicals that everyone hates.  You know...those "lady" exams and bloodwork (that I don't mind).  I am used to getting bloodwork done for this and that, so it doesn't seem to phase me...but I am just not a fan of the "lady" stuff.  I've heard it only becomes more fun when you hit age for yay for that.

I had to give 9 vials of blood on Monday.  I can't ever remember having to give that much!  Then today, I had an app't with a new Rheumatoid Specialist, who again, wanted more bloodwork- another 8 vials.  My right arm was so dry, they had to do my left and I left throbbing!  ARGH!  I think I need to become less of a compliant when giving blood.  The lady was so nice about me having to give blood 2 days in a row...I was hoping that she'd offer me a lollipop or something.  NOPE. 

Why can't adults get lollipops?  We're fun too, you know!  What I think is the most funny, is that I gave so much blood yesterday, that it felt like I was at a Blood Donor Clinic.  I haven't donated blood for years, and she told me that it wasn't a good time to start now :)

YIKES!  At least we have a Dr. who is doing the whole work up.  But I'd be happy to not have to give blood again for a long time!


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