Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Fun little GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!

It's time to give back!!!  There have been many people who have been supporting me, encouraging me and helping me achieve my dreams, so I wanted to do something fun for all of you dedicated readers!!!

As baking is my passion, and cooking is BOTH Graham and my passion, I thought that there would be nothing better than to host a baking themed give away.
I saw these cute SUMMERY cupcake liners and SUPER girlie cupcake liners at Homesense, and picked some up JUST FOR ONE OF YOU!!!

Here's how to enter:
1) Tell me your favourite thing that you love to bake - 1 entry
2) Tell me the last thing that was baked in your kitchen- 1 entry
3) Tell me what you would love to bake with these- 1 entry
4) Tell me what your favourite blog to read is and why- 1 entry
5)  Become a follower of this blog- 1 entry
The first four need to be done, by commenting on this blog entry, you can number your answers in one comment, if you wish (1 entry for each numbered answer).  If you sign in as "anonymous", please sign your name at the end of your comment, so that I know who you are and how to contact you if you win!

This contest is open until August 9th, 2011.

Happy commenting and GOOD LUCK!



1. Zucchini choc chip muffins
2. Mac & not cheese
3. See answer 1 :)


1) Strawberry Meringue Cake-It was an experiment, but I loved making it and it appeared people actually enjoyed eating it!
2)Banana Chocolate Chip muffins-Does it count if I supervised and helped along the way? The works of art were produced by my 5 year old cousin! YUM!
3)The girly cupcake liners inspire me to have a girls night before I start working again, making a chocolaty muffin of some sort! The other fun liners inspire me to once again supervise and have over all the little ones in my life for a muffin baking afternoon!
4)I'm not a big blog reader but I read yours and my brothers when he has one. Yours I can relate too, My brothers gives me a taste of the world as he travels around it and blogs about things I may not relate to at all!
5) DONE!

Jenn Jackson


1. Favourite thing to bake would probably be cakes or cupcakes because I love decorating them (though I'm not NEARLY as talented or creative as you!). Sadly I rarely have time to bake much of anything though so usually I rely on friends and parents for my baked goods. lol. :)

2. Last thing baked? Probably cookies made by a friend (see?)

3. With this give away? I'd probably make some fun cupcakes for some friends :).

4. I read a number of DIY blogs plus a blog of a friend of mine who has twins and lives in Australia (private blog). Also, while it's not a blog, I spend a TONNE of time checking out Pinterest which links to various websites and blogs. Such fun. :)

5. done

Rachel Speelman


1) Well if anyone really knows me it is any sort of cupcake. Finding new recipes and mastering them, then decorating them as cute as I possibly can. The double chocolate cupcake is probably my favourite to eat though, haha!
2) YUM! Chocolate Chip Cookies (Tollhouse original recipe, a must try)
3) Well the ice cream liners actually match some cupcake boxes I just got, so they would be perfect for a stag and doe I am making cupcakes for. I already can picture the decorating! The funky shoes would be for my girl friends birthday that I am making cupcakes for as well. I need them!!!! They are TOOO cute hahaha
4) Your blog is the only blog that I read, so therefore it is my favourite. I love feeling like I am apart of your journey and as a fellow baker I always love to see what you are up to!

Cobi V.

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