Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Well, we agreed on some furniture finally!

It has taken us MONTHS to find a coffee table and TV stand that we both actually like.  We're not sure if we just walked into the store and were finally SO fed up, that we just went with it, or if we just finally found what we were looking for...all in one spot!

We (read: Graham) have been looking for a coffee table that has drawers/storage, since moving into the condo over a year ago.  Moving into the house, we desperately wanted one, as the $5 side table I got at a garage, was just getting ANNOYING!  I wasn't bothered about the whole drawers thing, as they tend to add $100-150 to the price tag (REALLY PEOPLE, COME ON!!!)! I just knew that I wanted a  bottom shelf for books and/or remotes to go on.  We had almost settled on one from Target, that I was going to go and get this week, until we found one today!  YAY!  Not only was it cheaper than any one that we found before, but it was on SALE!  WHOO HOO!

Right next to it, was a TV stand, for HALF PRICE.  It was a whopping $67, because it was being discontinued.  Perfect timing!  My crucials for that, was either drawers or doors, as I am the cleaner in the house, and I am TIRED of all of the dust on the DVD player, Nintendo, Wii and PVR boxes.  I also CANNOT stand all of the cords that we have to look at/move when I am vacuuming (yes, I actually pick them all up and move them when mother taught me well!).  This one, not only matches our other furniture and the new coffee table, but has doors!  YAY!

So, apart from agreeing on a chair still, we have all the furniture we need for now!  I am hoping that the chair doesn't take another 1+ to agree on, as I DO NOT appreciate Graham suggesting that we bring up camping chairs for when we have extra guests in the meantime!!!! (I secretly think that this is his way of "winning" and getting me to agree on his chaise lounge idea of a chair!)  Oh dear!


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