Monday, August 22, 2011

No more two hours drives IN RUSH HOUR!

After 4.5 LONG months, calling what feels like EVERY Doctor in the entire Durham region (Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax and Pickering), WE finally both found a Doctor!!!!!!!!!!!

Graham has had to drive into T.O for any appointments, which is a nightmare, as his Doctor only works Tuesday and Thursdays from 10-4.  WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?  That must be nice.  It means that Graham always has to leave work early, and always gets stuck in rush hour on the way home.  Bye.Bye!

I have had the same Doctor since BIRTH.  Now THAT is rare.  I feel kinda sad to be going for a final appointment with him soon, and hopefully arrange to get my file to take with me.  I'm sure they'll want to charge through the roof, but I kind of need it, previous medical and current medical history and all.  Why is it that Doctors think they have the right to hold your file??????'s kind of about me, so I'd like to have it.  Fingers crossed, otherwise our new Doctor wants a COMPLETE work up. Maybe that'd be a good's been awhile since I had a physical (I know, I know!).

So, after over 100 calls and every office saying that they didn't have room for even one of us, WE HAVE THE SAME DOCTOR!!!  YAY!  He's really nice and eventhough the "interviews" were only 10 minutes in time, he spent 30-40 minutes with us, asking and answering any questions that we had!  Very good service!

So bye to my old Doc.  I'll miss his cute 5 foot, Hungarian self.  I have now moved on to a 6 foot Greek man.  Sadly, he doesn't look like a Greek god, but a 50+ year old "typical" doctor instead.

Best thing...and this speaks to my multi-tasking/very organized self...

It's on the top floor of the REAL CANADIAN SUPERSTORE!  That means groceries can be done afterwards, or either of us could get them done while we wait.  They also have a lab on site, and are only 10 minutes away. THAT'S better!



It seems like you really lucked out; not only with the doctor, but also with the location!

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