Sunday, November 20, 2011

CRAZY new Canadian money!

I have lived in a few different countries in my life so far and one of the things that people always say to me is, "Your country has the coolest money.  We can tell what each bill value actually is, but it's weird that it looks like monopoly money".

I have always loved that I can open my wallet and "see" how much money I have (or don't have, I'm not a big cash on hand person).  I DESPISED living in the U.S and NEVER knowing how much money I had on me, and always feeling like I had a lot (HATE those $1 bills that take up so much room!), but never really knowing.  I would have to pull out all of my bills to find which one I wanted to pay with, instead of flip through my wallet and just pull out a twenty.  Trivial to some, but annoying to me.

I was working yesterday and I had to call a manager for the first time, due to thinking that I got a counterfeit bill.  I had NEVER seen or felt anything like it and was sure it was a fake.  The customer looked less than pleased at me, even telling me that I must live in a hole, as I had no idea that Canada has released a new set of $50 and $100 bills.  SOOORRRRRRYYYYYYYY!  GRR!  Ahh...retail.

Anyways, I was interested to find out, that it was in fact real and it was in fact annoying the customer.  They stick to EVERYTHING and static, she said is a whole other issue.  All of her bills stick together and she thinks that she might get ripped off, as she once handed over payment for an item and 2 bills were stuck together.  Both the staff and herself didn't have any idea until much later (I didn't really feel sorry for her, as someone who constantly has $50's and $100's in their wallet, must not miss it THAT much).

This new bill is PLASTIC.  Yup.  Environmentally friendly there...

It has a see through part on the bill, a new design and near to impossible serial numbers that we will need a magnifying glass to determine if it's real or fake (should counterfeits ever be produced).  Supposedly the government thinks it will be much harder to reproduce...but reality is, someone's probably already figured it out :)  Needless to say though, if you ever get your hands on one, they are quite interesting to look at!



very interesting. I miss my good old one dollar bills. Nothing adds more weight to my purse then my plethora of DKK coins. I paid the equivalent of $20 dollars only coins today! are there 'high value' coins in the uk, canada or euro-using europe? There is a coin here that is worth about $4! weird.


They had these bills in Australia back in 2002 when I was there. They're great (especially over there because surfing is so big) because they don't get wet and they don't rip. It'll just take some getting used to.


Heidi, we have $1 and $2 coins and they are HEAVY! I often have over $20 of coin myself! I couldn't handle a $4 coin! YIKES!

Trish, I guess the waterproof money is a good thing, never thought of it that way! I know Graham hates having to deal with money in his pockets if we go swimming anywhere in the summer!

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Harriett Faulks

Hey, at least it's not a counterfeit! That's true, supposedly this kind of paper money makes it harder to counterfeit. But as the types of material used to manufacture these changes, so are the techniques used to counterfeit them. Doesn't your business have a counterfeit detector by the way? Especially in retail, you never know what might happen.


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