Saturday, November 26, 2011

You light up my life!

One of my favourite things about Christmas is, looking at all of the lights on people's houses.  As kids, we used to drive around this one neighbourhood in Hamilton, that had a Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause that would sit in the window and wave at passersby.  It's a favourite memory of mine and one that I have been waiting to be beat, for a long time.

When we moved to Caledonia, there was always this one street that went all out with their lights.  I used to drive with one of my best friend's Dana, every year to go and look at them.  While it was not the same as my favourite house growing up, it was a little piece of excitment every year.  I don't remember when Caledonia added their light show on the Mill/River, but the first time I took Graham, 4 years ago, I thought he was in light heaven!

This year, for the first time, we don't live in an apartment.  While we have always put up a tree and decorations INSIDE, we have never had the space to put them up outside!  I was thrilled that this year, that would change!

Today, Graham and I hung up the lights on the house, hung dozens and dozens of ornament balls from our big tree out front and started to figure out what we'd do next week, inside the house.  Graham's rule: no decorating inside the house until December and DEFINITELY not until after we've cut down our tree.

Once the lights and tree were decorated outside, I felt a little bit more like Christmas was coming!  It was so nice to turn them on and feel more "one with the neighbours".  It even got some of our neighbours so excited, they were all waving out their windows (the lady who used to live here, never decorated, or really lived here for that matter)!


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