Saturday, November 12, 2011

What a gorgeous day!

Today, we had a nice relaxed breakfast (homemade crepes!) and then packed up some water, snacks and the camera, to go for a walk at Durham forest.  It was a GORGEOUS, sunny day, with minimal wind and I wasn't we wanted to take advantage of the last of the nice weather we might get.

We finally found the main entrance to the park (it's about 30 mins away and hundreds and hundreds of acres).  It was full of leaves, big paths and the occasional family taking their kids/dogs out for a walk.  It was perfect.  You know, that walk, where you walk for hours and only bump into one or two people.  People that are friendly and say "Hello, how are you"?, without knowing who you are.  Those nice "walking" people, the relaxed kind.  I love it and missed it.

What I missed more, was spending time with Graham on a weekend day.  Usually we only have a few hours together during the weeknights, so spending a whole day together, after two months of me working weekends, was perfect.

We finally took some photos together!  I realized this week, while filling out the Baby book/Pregnancy Journal, that we don't have a single photo together in months!  YIKES!  So we got a few photos in the middle of the forest. 

It was a perfect, relaxing day, that ended with lunch together at Williams Coffee house and some shopping at Winners and Homesense.  I miss days off with my hubby!