Thursday, November 3, 2011


Today, I went to Babies R'US.  Mostly just to look around and narrow down our "options" (there are too many out there!!!), but also to see if I could start a registry.  A process that I was NOT looking forward to, as our registry process for our wedding, was...a pain the butt.

Having family that lives far away, they find it helpful to be able to look online and see ideas, so I decided to start there (there really aren't any other options for baby registries!).  I had a little bit too much fun in the TOY section, knowing that there are quite a few childhood toys that are back with a vengance, as well as toys that Graham has seen before, that he wanted on his (I mean baby's) wish list.

When you sign up, they give you this bag of stuff.  I was dreading this, as it's usually a bunch of paper (wasteful paper at that), coupons and advertisements.  I was pleasantly surprised when I got handed the bag and it had a WIDE VARIETY of samples.  Pretty good ones too (aveeno, tummy butter, sudocream, vaseline, diapers, a bottle, a nuk brand soother and a few other goodies).

Graham was so cute when he got home from work and had a look at everything.  He picked up the diapers, made a *somewhat* inappropriate comment about what it would/wouldn't fit, that I won't repeat, but laughed at...the commenting about how cute it was.  I mean seriously, they were the tiniest diapers I had seen in a long time!

NO, that is not the size of me!  Yet...


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