Monday, November 7, 2011

Old Times!

Do you ever have moments or do things that brings back memories of your childhood?

We were a family that played especially.  It mostly stemmed around camping, but sometimes we would have family game nights (Racko, Shanghai, Scattergories, Uno, Skip Bo etc).  It doesn't happen as a family very often anymore, but usually when Mom, Dad, Graham and I get together, there are always games involved (and sometimes a little bit too much wine :).  It's something that we LOVE and something that always brings back good memories of us as a family, when we were younger.

Graham and I have had a lot of talks lately about what we hope will become traditions or moments within our own family.  What was important to us growing up, what we wished we did or what we'd like to see happen.  I'm a big fan of family traditions and trying to pass them along.  Weird, as I am not a traditional person and I LOVE LOVE LOVE change, but I REALLY detest change within our traditions that we have come to know and love. 

I guess I get that from my Mom.  I am sentimental when it comes to my childhood, my memories or things that we did as a family.  I don't adjust to change well when it comes to holidays and what does and doesn't happen anymore...but it all comes with the package of growing families and getting older, I guess.

Graham was very excited last night, while playing cards together, about what Christmas will be like for all of us next year.  What birthdays will mean now.  What "type" of family that he hopes to have.  He was more excited than I've ever seen him, talking about anything in the future actually.  It melts my heart everytime he does it too.

Sometimes, the best conversations we have are over a cup of tea (for me) a martini (for him) and one of our favourite card games...

I remember the last time that we sat down to play this game and the conversation that we was the day after I found out that I was pregnant! Good memories!


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