Monday, January 10, 2011


We all need it, whether we want to admit it or not.  Some people, however, are willing to put themselves out there, be held accountable and say that they need encouragement in order to accomplish something.  Be it a small goal, a big goal, or just to do something they have never done before, or never thought they could do again.

I have had this on my mind since I started blogging this year, and I wanted to remind myself to hold myself accountable to encourage those who need it for one reason or another.  I know that I have received my fair share of it in my life so far, and I wouldn't be where I am today if I didn't get it at just the right time.

My encouragement comes today in the form of repaying someone who protected my heart and self more than I think they will ever know, until today.  She is a very strong willed, kind woman, who will set time aside to listen and help, even when you know she has a huge to-do list under her belt. 

1 year ago today, I stopped blogging.  I stopped working at my last job, CAS.  I stopped because I needed a break.  I kept this very close to my heart and was so destroyed by what was going on at work, my caseload, and what I was taking home, I knew that a break would more than likely mean, "a never going back there break".  I stopped blogging because 1 year before that, I had blogged about something that had affected me badly at work, and I needed to get my feelings on paper (with no confidentiality broken), which in turn, led to work not agreeing with my blogging.  After 5 years of having a blog, it put such a fear in me, that I swore to never put myself out there, to never blog again.

She had told me not to let them get to me, and that I had done nothing wrong.  She had encouraged me to keep writing, but to be more careful about it.  I don't know if to this day, she remembers having this conversation with me.  I unfortunately let it get to me, until this past Christmas, when I had to reflect on it all again, 2 years after it all came to head.

So here I am, thanking you for putting yourself out there and encouraging me (without knowing it this time) to be blogging again and hoping that I find myself in writing, taking photos and remembering my year through this blog.

I encourage you while you go on your journey.  I am THRILLED to be following your journey.  I am proud of your transparency and your accomplishments thus far.  The amount of encouragement you will give other people and the change you will ensue in their lives, while changing your own, will be amazing to see and hear about.

Thank you so much.

I don't want to post a picture without any permission, so instead I will leave you a link to her amazing blog and journey that she is taking.

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