Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winner, winner curry dinner!

Tonight I came home to a condo building that smelled like Sulphur.  Not a promising start to a night. 

Then I walked through the door and came home to a condo that smelt like curry.  YUM.  Even better, I didn't have to cook it.  Even BETTER, it wasn't takeout. 

I sure do have a good man on my hands!
It sure is nice coming home to an almost ready meal when you work later than your beloved other half.  The fact that he was so determined to have dinner ready for me, that he didn't even get out of his suit...winner!

Now, I do love a good curry (usually a Korma, as I love anything coconutty, nutty, and fruity), but Graham made a killer veg curry that hit the right spot.

If you have a lot or even a little extra veg that looks a bit past the normal use if you were to just steam it or cook it, I highly suggest a veg curry!  So good for you, so delicious and a perfect way to clean out the fridge before grocery day!!!

I love you hunny for all you do for me/us, tonight, I love you even more for me not even having to THINK about dinner, or how late we were going to have to eat if we made it when I got home!


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