Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Never get in the way between a man/boy and their toys! :)

I love my job for SO many reasons.  That will be another post for another day.  But when I have both kids at Cayenne's house, Cole tends to find toys that he wouldn't have at home...for specifics reasons, like, he's a boy.

However, Cole is a very manly boy, and is keen to play with his favourite toy the SECOND he comes to Cayenne's house.  He is SO cute when he sees it and leans down to give a kiss to one part of his favourite toy before he ventures round the house with it.

I love that when Cayenne takes this toy, he gets very upset, comes to give me a cuddle and points at it, wanting it back so badly.  When Cayenne throws it to the floor, he is quicker than anyone I have ever seen to recover it.

What might this toy be?

Don't get between a man, his baby and their stroller! 

Cole seriously BOUNDS around the house like nobody's business, taking "bAbee", as he calls her, for nice long "alks".

How cute!  What's even cuter is when Cayenne throws "bAbee" to the ground and Cole runs to her, picks her up, cuddles her in his arms and gives her kisses- like a Momma does to their sad baby!  SO CUTE!


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