Monday, January 3, 2011

These two light up my life.

Cole and Cayenne.  They cause me as much heartache as they do headaches some days, but I never thought I could love spending so much time with someone else's kids as much as I do these two! I have to think that this is one of my most favourite "jobs" I have ever had.  Not just because these kids are incredible, but their parents are such a pleasure to work for, it seems like looking after a friend's kids, instead of an employers.

Cole is 18 months and although not yet walking (I am working on this everyday whether he loves me for it at the time or not!), he bum scooches better than any kid I've ever seen!  He is FULL of personality and breaks my heart everyday with how protective he is of me.  He can be very stubborn with sharing his toys, and is even more stubborn with sharing me.  If Cayenne comes anywhere near me when Cole's around, she doesn't have a chance of surviving in my arms or on my lap.  He has learned so much since I have been his nanny (6 months already!): he learned his first word (Hi!), and has really taken off with many more (DAT! or THAT! being one said a million times a day).  He is trying so desperately to say my name, and I'll take whatever he's come out with so far- "Nenanne"!  His ever so blonde hair, his laugh that Graham swears sounds like a dolphin and his once in a while cuddles where he squeezes you SO HARD make the long days my absolute favourite!

Cayenne is now 15 months and went from walking somewhat unsteadily to running so quickly I can't even remember the moment it happened! She is VERY talkative and can babble up such a story right to your face, it's like she's having a full on conversation that you should totally be understanding.  My favourite part of this, is when she ends her babbles with what you can clearly tell is a question mark!  Full head tilt to the side, high pitched "uh?" and then she runs away giggling, so proud of herself for making you smile! Cayenne isn't the biggest cuddler (although she used to be all OVER Cole for hugs and kisses), but when you do something she really loves, or read her her favourite story, or cuddle up with her on the couch, letting her sprawl across your lap while watching Sesame Street, you'd never know she isn't that cuddly all day. She has learned so much already since I have been her nanny (3 months already!): she is piecing together sentences of her own words, runs around like a marathoner, and will bring me EVERY SINGLE PAIR OF SHOES WITHIN REACH if she wants to get out of the house! Cayenne is always saying thank you to me ("Dank do") and REALLY loves to try to get Cole to play with her. Her adorable smile that could melt anyone's heart, the way she can booty dance better than most grown women and the way she picks up anything that looks like a phone, prances around the house and carries on a full conversation makes any day where she throws food or doesn't want to nap, the days that make me smile!


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