Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tired, annoyed and discouraged.

I had a plan for this post.  After coming home and spending 2 hours with Graham looking over the massively organized budget and forcast he made, I am both frustrated, exhausted and less than inspired.

I had my make up trial today.  While I was VERY excited about it before, during and IMMEDIATELY after, by the time I got to the car, I not only felt like I didn't even REMOTELY look like myself, the make up was too dark on my eyes, and my foundation was spotty.  I thought I would feel a bit better by the time I got home, until I walked in the door and Graham told me that I looked a) SCARY and b) cakey.  GREAT.

I went to look in the mirror again, and remember that this is 1 hour after my make up was completed.  Not only was my eye shadow caked BADLY in the crease of my eyelids, but when I had to PICK it off, it left my eyes bare and uneven in make up.  My eyes were watering from going from the cold to heat and I had streaks down my face!  What the heck would I do if I CRIED on my wedding day?  Have a personal make up artist to fix it everytime!?!?!?!?

I called to let the girl know and ask for a 2nd trial, as my 1st one was so disappointing and there was obviously a product choice issue by her.  Not only that, but when I took a photo and looked at what it would look like in my wedding photos, you saw no eye shadow and only RIDICULOUSLY dark eye liner, and every red spot/blemish/uneven skin tone on my face.  She told me that she would change my foundation and eye make up on the day of and that she didn't want to do a second trial, I should just "hope" that it works better next time!  I am sorry, but the total money I will pay for the trial and day of, plus the girls paying too, NO WAY I CAN TAKE THAT CHANCE.

So tomorrow it's back to the drawing board and ANOTHER trip I will have to make to Hamilton/Ancaster etc, when I really don't have the spare time.  Needless to say I am tired and frustrated.

Enjoy the pictures. The second is right when I got home, and only able to see eyeliner and not enough coverage and the first is how bad it caked/flaked/made creases/is uneven.

Boo. But at least those are the length of my REAL EYELASHES!!!!


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