Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rogers, Rogers, Rogers.

I have been a Rogers customer for too many years to count.  Too many complaints and too many overages.  Too many bills that I was overcharged on and too many changes made to my bill without authorization.

When I went to Rogers yesterday to get a new phone and see what they could do for me, as my phone is now hanging up on people, missing calls I didn't know I got, turning off mid phone call, has a broken cover on the back and a broken track ball, I was hoping for great things.

Instead, what I got was, information finding out that they have been charging me all along (4 years) for something on my plan I never agreed to, $100's of dollars of charges for going over my minutes of long distance, which was incorrect, and a person who signed my contract up for a further 3 years on a data plan I never agreed to.  After 2 hours, I ended up leaving without a new phone, without an upgrade, and without any helpful answers.  Just a "call rogers and see what they can do, because they have obviously screwed you over."

I felt so angry yesterday, I didn't bother calling.  I waited until this afternoon to do so, and after talking with the first person, who SAID she fixed some things on my bill, she immediately escalated my call to Customer Service, as I must have a) said the right things or b) scared her by threatening to go to my Ombudsman/small claims court as they owed me between $300 and $500.

I spoke with the customer service rep and not only did the lady NOT take the things off of my bill, but she accidentally added something too.  Nice, that he was honest enough to tell me that she screwed up.

After telling him that my contract was up in April, and I was BEYOND unhappy with their service, the issues at hand, and the lack of committment they have to their long term customers (I have been with them 10 years total), he really listened and worked out a KILLER plan.  Killer in the sense that he spoke with another manager above him (he was already a manager) and they agreed that I should have an employee plan. Sounded too good to be true.  But oh no, it sure wasn't.  Thank goodnes.

Not only did I sign on for another 3 years, I could go into the store to pick out a Blackberry Torch for $100 less than they would charge, get a mail in rebate and my plan would be a whopping $61 with tax for everything I could ever need or want.  SERIOUSLY.  I happily agreed, thanked him for helping me, and giving me a further $150 credit for the last 3 months of screw ups that they have done on my phone bill (which actually only totalled $83, but he knew I was pissed, so he bargained with me).

I am glad to say that now, not only do I have his ID #, but I have his name and reference number. 

Who says that there is no such thing as good customer service anymore?

His one last comment, was thanking me for not raising my voice, getting upset, remaining calm and not uttering threats, all things that lead to customers not getting their full offers from Rogers even if they messed up. to play with my TORCH!


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