Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter blahs.

While this picture may seem like NOTHING to some of our readers, it means something to me.  The person who doesn't have a car to get into to drive to work, or to get home with.  No heated seats (like Graham likes to point out daily that he has), and definetely not an already heated car, as we have a heated parking garage. 

This morning was a whopping -21, but -30 with the windchill.  When you wait for the streetcar for 5-10 minutes with wind blowing off the lake, and no wind protection, it is cold.  What really hits though, is the fact that it is 6:15am when I do this.  I look across from my stop and see everyone's lights start to come on in their bedrooms, still all tucked in a warm bed.  Sometimes I look over at our building and see our condo unit, knowing Graham is in a ridiculously HOT shower, while I am freezing my BUTT off.

This cold also means that I am housebound with the kids, and even if the sun is gloriously shining, it's just a tease, as it was still -17 when that sun shone today.

Everyday I count down to the days where I can be in flip flops, not have to spend 30 minutes bundling the kids (just for them to poop right when we're about to leave), and walk outside bag and kids in tow in less than 2 minutes flat.

At least it's supposed to warm up this week.  Ha. Now don't forget this is the base temp without windchill!


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