Thursday, January 6, 2011

Exhausting, but rewarding.

Today was the day I taught a child to walk.  Well, he's been taught for awhile now, step by step, moment by moment, encouragment after encouragement.  Each time he took a step the previous times, I cried.  I never thought it would be that emotional, but when you spend 10 hours of your day with someone, you really grow to love them and be incredibly proud of every little thing they do that makes them who they are.

Today, I cried.  I cried with every bit of non motherly love I had in me.  I cried because I know how special it is for his parents to see him walk.  Not just steps here and there, but walk.  One step methodically after the other, not stoping for a break, not stopping to sit, not even cruising on furniture.  It took a lot of determination from the both of us.  Him putting up with me not letting him sit or scooch and me on my knees crawling around the house in front of him for hours, cheering him on everytime he just kept going and going.  I think I just about picked him up to squeeze him and kiss him and stopped him from walking the first moment he walked, turned a corner and kept going all in one fluid moment.

Today was a day that I can be very proud of.  Very proud to tell Cole one day every single step he took and how proud of him everybody is.

To top it all off, when I set him standing up after his Dad came to pick him up, he walked right to Cayenne and showed Dad just how good he is at walking. 4 people cheering and clapping (including Cayenne and Cole) made for one heck of a good bye tonight!



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