Sunday, January 30, 2011

Exercise, determination and Poughkeepsie!!!

Today I needed to run out to get a few things, as Mom and Dad were coming over, I was needing to cook something and I couldn't get them with our grocery order (we also ran out of toilet paper!!!).  The fire alarm had been going off since 7:30 this morning, and by 10am, we were annoyed beyond belief.  We finished breakfast, and I decided to head out.

Little did I know, that once the alarm stopped at 10, the fire department still hadn't reset the alarm, so we had no working elevators and the fans were on full in the whole building.  That meant walking down 23 floors to get to the car, so that I could pick up 4 things that we couldn't do without. 

I left, battled the stairs (I have bad knees, so stairs don't go over too well with my body) and prayed that when I came back the elevator would be working. 

Unfortunately, when I came home, not only did I have a huge thing of toilet paper, and a heavy bag of groceries, but the elevator was still not working.  So up I went, 23 flights, just me and my positive attitude knowing that I could fall over and die when I walked in the door if I really needed to.

Even more unfortunate, I left after having breakfast, which was not sitting too well, and by the time I hit floor 10, I thought I was going to "Poughkeepsie in my pants" (for all you Sex and the City fans out there).  Graham about died when I got in the door and made a beeline for the bathroom.

So thanks fire alarm, stairs and a VERY unfit lower half of my body!  I had great exercise, a true laugh and will visit Starbucks till the elevator is working next time, if this ever happens again. Or maybe not have so much dairy before running into a non-working elevator!



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