Friday, January 7, 2011

Impromptu date.

My favourite way to end the day, especially to end my work day/week is when Graham comes to pick me up and I don't have to walk 5-10 mins to the subway, take 2 subway transfers, then to the streetcar, before I finally get home 45 mins- 1 hour later (which if I had a car, would be a 12 minute drive- even more irritating some days if I think about that!).

Today, Graham picked me up and said, "we have no groceries, so how about we get McDonald's (this man knows my guilty pleasure and how to work it) and then go to whatever movie is on at the time when we show up at the theatre?"  Me, "Done!  I was just reading the paper today and really wanted to see Black Swan".

So off we went, slummed it to Macky D's, as Graham calls it, and had a GREAT date!  Me and my filet o' fish and him and his Big Mac. 

Black Swan was psycho, but incredibly made, and a movie I would recommend to everyone.  It really gets inside your head, while still keeping you totally focused on the movie and storyline.  It was actually so good, and so twisted, I think I have to see it again to really appreciate the amazing work Natalie Portman put into it.  As good as it was, if I ever am blessed enough to have kids, or a girl one day, SHE WILL NEVER BE A DANCER! 

Go see the movie.  It's incredible.

Thanks babe, you made me week!


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