Thursday, January 13, 2011

He summed up the way I feel perfectly.

Ahh...the METRO.

I absolutely LOVE reading the free paper on my subway journey in the morning.  It's what gets me by and distracts me from any obnoxious delays, cold weather etc.  I get a really sad face when I get off the streetcar, hop onto my subway line and there are no papers left behind.  I have a habit of skipping through anything sports or politcal, unless it's some hoop-lah to do with Rob Ford lately, as it's more entertaining than normal politics.  I NEVER miss the sections where they review restaurants/local shops, or the commentary from writers about something that usually takes the piss out of the city, or shows why us Torontonians have a love/hate relationship with the city.

Today, I read this article, which I thought had to do with either a) AD(H)D or b) the constant need to be up and down and moving about all the time.  I stood corrected, and had an intense smile from ear to ear when I read that the article was about travelling/moving/a constant need to find somewhere new.

What hit home for me, was when the author, John Mazerolle, made this statement, "'s not that I judge people like him, so much as I consider them part of a different species (He was referring to a man who said he had been EVERYWHERE...Nova Scotia, New Brunswick).  There's a whole planet to see.  Why would anyone pass that up?  Am I the crazy one?  Though it might seem to some like I'm running away from family or responsibilities, the truth is: I'm a better person when I travel; I read more; I learn more; I live in the moment. And I'm way more accepting of things as they are." "I'm frankly baffled by anybody who would prefer to stay where they are."

If you can access this article, and remotely feel the same way, or have never understood someone you know who does, I encourage you to read the full article.  It really hit home to me, and summed up the way I have felt since the day I set off to Scotland on my first flight ever.  Who knew that 9 years ago, hyperventilating on a plane, on my first flight ever, would bring me to a time, where I have a good 50+ flights under my belt!


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