Saturday, January 1, 2011

Project 365- Photo a day

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to take photos (get that from my Dad!) and I love to remember every special moment, even the small ones that might seem silly to someone else.  Be it a random thing at the grocery store, a fun day out, a successful cooking venture, or many different travel experiences.

I have blogged before, and truly enjoyed it.  I blogged to write.  I blogged to cook more adventurous foods.  I blogged to get my mind off a job that was truly overtaking every bit of personality I had left in me.  I blogged to ignore, escape and to write what at times, no one wanted to listen to.  I blogged because I was happy.  I blogged because I was depressed.  I blogged so that the ones I love, could keep track of where I was and where my life was taking me.

I thought this time, it would be easier for me to blog if I could capture moments that were my everyday life.  The joys, the memories, the sadness, the frustrations, the randomness.  The everyday girl, in the everyday city, living the everyday life, but through my eyes.

I hope that you enjoy each day as it comes.  I hope to be able to write alongside my photos when wanted, or just use a photo to sum up my day.  I hope that you enjoy it as much as I will.  I feel good about starting a new year, with a new goal (I think resolutions never really get followed through for the most part, but I am pretty good at goals).  A new year that will make me a wife, a part of a new family and a happier, and at times, maybe more fulfilled person.

Happy New Year to the love of my life, my husband to be, my best friend!  This new year will hopefully bring us one of the happiest days of our life!


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