Saturday, January 15, 2011

Huge thanks to my MOM

Mom,  I couldn't have done this without you!  You saved my sanity, my hands and any spare time I had over the weeks before Christmas.  You are amazing!

Our invites are done and making their way to the post office!  How exciting!  Now THAT makes it feel all to real!  Staring at them, after addressing them, stamping them, stuffing them, sealing them and double checking that they are all correct and in line with my spreadsheet, really made me realize that 3 months is not far away!

How fun!  The lady at the Post Office was so cute, when I handed them to her and told her that I wanted to check the weight and size before sending them out, as I didn't want them all back in my mailbox.  It went a little like this:

Lady: "Hi, what can I help you with?"
Me: "Umm...I have these wedding invites and my Mom and I worked really hard on them.  See, she hand tied A LOT of ribbons on our invites.  I addressed everything, stuffed them and triple checked them with my spreadsheet at home. I'd really appreciate if you could weigh them for me and check their size."
Lady: "What a nice Mom!"
Me: "You have no idea!"
Lady: "They are 1mm too long, but I'm sure they will be fine."
Me: "Umm...are you joking?  Cause this is kind of not funny, and I don't want to pay for more stamps, or to resend them if they come back!"
Lady: "I guess there is never a good time to make a joke about stuff like this?"
Me: "Ahh...NO!"
Lady: "Sorry, maybe we can laugh about this when I see you next time?"
Me: "Of course, how about I send one to myself first to make sure it's okay?"
Lady: "How fun!  You are sending yourself an invite!  I LOVE that!"
Me: "It was one of the top recommended things to make sure you do, and I am kind of anal about wanting to be included in everything that is fun about my wedding, and inviting people, including myself is fun to me.  I am kind of one of those loves the little details so much kind of people."
Lady: "You are too fun!"
Me: "Thanks.  See you soon.  Thanks for making this seem like a fun part of your day."
Lady: "Thanks for letting me be a LITTLE part of your memories that will last a lifetime.  Would you like a picture in front of the post office with your invites?"
Me: "You are my favourite person!  I am not wearing make-up today, and had a late night last night, can I take one holding my invites?"
Lady: "Anything to make you happy!"
Me: "Thanks and see you soon!"

So Mom, that's how it went.  She even let me take a photo.  I loved it.  You would have laughed the whole way through!

I LOVE MY MOM!  And only 3 months to go!!!!


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