Sunday, May 1, 2011

An extremely long journey and a TURBULENT ONE!

We knew when we had to fly home from the honeymoon, it would be a LONG journey, both exhausting, boring and full of bad food, as per usual on flights.  What we (or maybe just I), didn't expect was  11.5 hours of turbulence on a 14.5 hour flight, the last leg of our journey home and the longest.  It was scary for me (I am getting better at my fear of flying, but I have NEVER experienced turbulence like we did today) and I had many moments where I wish I could have pressed the call button for a flight attendant and just asked her to have the pilot land the flight.  Instead, our call buttons were disabled, as for 9 hours of this flight NO ONE was allowed out of their seats (seriously, I tried to get up to pee and was told- NO WAY, to which I replied, "then where's a bottle or bucket"?  Classy, I know.)

We tried to break up our flight time by flying from Phuket to Bangkok the day before we flew home, having extra time to get anything we'd want to take home with us that we hadn't already gotten.  We also knew we wanted to get a massage again before leaving and couldn't find a flight that would bring us in on a red eye before our 8am flight to Hong Kong this morning.

So off we flew yesterday, a 2.5 hour flight, to break it up.  We landed in Bangkok to have one last day to explore, the last day Graham was fighting his cold and the first day I started to feel it coming on BIG TIME.

This am, we left the hotel at 4:30, for a 1 hour drive to the airport, to get on a 3 hour flight to Hong Kong.  We then had to wait 3 hours in HK before boarding our flight to Toronto.  All in all, it was a 26 hour day by the time we landed at home.  Exhausting and frustrating, but SO good to see Mom and Dad once we came through arrivals!

That's it, the final leg of our journey!  HK to Toronto!

Waiting patiently for our plane to start boarding!

Using the free internet at the airport to check Carolyn's photos one more time!  They have been looked at daily by us since being blogged!  Carolyn, would you have ever guessed a bride would be looking at your photos from an airport in the middle of ASIA?

My face after waiting 4 hours to be able to stand, go pee and ask for something to drink/eat, as only half the plane got served due to turbulence and we were thirsty and starving!

A common activity on the whole flight home!  Thanks for capturing this attractive moment babe!


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