Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sometimes a girl just needs her best friend.

I have the best husband in the world.  He is VERY patient, very loving, very cuddly (even when I am not, which to him, is probably most of the time...but in my defense my Mom says that when I was a baby, if anyone tried to cuddle me, I would stiffen up and refuse), and my best friend.


Sometimes a girl just needs her best GIRL friend.  You know, the one they can talk to about anything (well, almost anything, as somethings Graham says, should always be off limits), the one that no matter where you are/have been in the world, is still the same constant person you've always known, for like 20 years?  The one who gives you reality checks.  The one who listens when you have done something you shouldn't have and knew better, the one who never judges, but only questions you out of concern.  Sometimes you need her.  Oh and her coffee loving (decaf for me), crepe/dessert loving self!

I am a person who has a heavy heart with a lot of things.  A heavy heart for my family who is hurting.  A heavy heart for my friend's who are hurting.  A heavy heart for the dog walking past my window that you know has arthritis in it's leg and although they would rather be lying on their bed at home, is pleasing their owner by going for a walk.  A heavy heart for charity.  A heavy heart for a client.  A heavy heart because I am having a "bad health" day/week/month.  You know, the list could go on.  Sometimes I suffer with these in complete silence, or take out anger on someone who doesn't deserve it, or sometimes, I just cry at the drop of a hat because I just can't stand how much it hurts anymore.

Then you have the best friend who calls you to go for coffee, to go for a chat, and even suggests DESSERT, something your husband doesn't do.  Something that makes you realize they know you better than anyone else, and you just need some indulgences once and a while.  Kathryn goes to the movies with me and gets popcorn, candy and coke.  Jenny eats candy with me and watches movies or chats with me.  Dana, well, she takes me out for decadent desserts!  Crepes, tonight.  Truffles last time.  They were delicious and catching up with her was JUST what I needed (hopefully her too!).

I love you Day, and thanks for sharing in my indulgences with me!


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