Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oh so bored!

Well, day after day, applying for jobs is not usually something I have to do.  I have either been very lucky to get offered a full time job after working very hard at a placement, had a "connection" to get a good job, or walked into a place, convinced them I would work hard, had an interview and walked away with a job.  Not to say that it's always been this easy (CAS was a long process, at least it felt that way waiting and waiting and calling...), but most times, I can call myself lucky (a VERY rare thing, as anyone who knows me, knows that I am FULL of bad luck).

I did get offered a job, that didn't turn out in the end...a blessing, trust me, so now I am on the job hunt!  We haven't been home from our honeymoon for that long, just over 2 weeks, but as a person who needs to keep busy, I am BORED.  I have baked, cooked, experimented on new food, built furniture, waited for deliveries, gone to see my Dr. for a check up, visited with friends, had 10 people over for brunch, cleaned and cleaned and did LOADS of laundry, unpacked the last of our boxes and applied for countless jobs (the selection is quite slim at the moment, except for a few good ones!)

Now, that might sound like I have been keeping busy, but to me, I NEED to work!  I LONG to work!  I LOVE to keep my brain working and engaged!  Fingers crossed something lines up sooner rather than later.  In the meantime, I will keep being a housewife, a cook, a provider at home and a job searcher.  But yesterday, with the rain STILL pouring, I felt like this:


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