Friday, May 6, 2011

We're chalking it up to furniture bad luck!

Tonight we drove out to Whitby to pick up the bolts and screws that were NOT delivered with our bed frame from Sears.  It's a big tiring that every company seems to test our patience and luck and we don't know why!  We took them home, after looking at the bed in the store to make sure they were from the right bed, and we wouldn't have any further issues...

Before we left, the salesperson (who has been MORE than helpful), gave us a $50 gift card just for having to drive out there and for the inconvenience.  Ahh...customer service, we love it. 

We got home, and OF COURSE, the bolts and nuts didn't fit with our bed frame.  Why?  We have no idea, other than they just pulled extras from out back and didn't check to make sure it actually FIT the model in the store.

Needless to say, we were NOT happy, but after a push and shove from our sales lady, we have a new bed arriving Friday!  YAY!  Sucks it didn't work the first time, but fingers crossed this is done and dealt with come Friday!

Here are a few VERY fitting comics I found today, when googling Customer Service.  Enjoy!

LOVE the honesty of this one!

If I have to deal with customer service from anymore companies, I might have to go from 1 to 3 in a split second!

Shame this is such a big joke!

BAHAHAHA!  So true!


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