Sunday, May 8, 2011

CHICK FLICK with a best friend!

What's better than having family and friends over to celebrate your wedding, how amazing they were at making it the best day ever, and showing honeymoon photos?

Having two of them sleepover with their adorable son and leaving Brayden at home with the boys (who we later found out was "caged" in a pack and play while the boys played N64, instead of entertained- their claim was that, "they let him play too".  Unfortunately, he's 13 months old, so nice try boys!), and us girls having a chick flick night at the movies!

Having just got a membership to Costco this week (you can buy more than mini boxes/jars of things now that we have a house, not a condo), I picked up movie passes there that came with snacks for us as well!

One thing that I love so much about going to the movies with Kathryn, is that she LOVES getting movie snacks, something Graham will NEVER do and complains about, really putting me off enjoying in them with him.  We got a bargain, by upsizing for 57 cents, allowing us each our own refillable popcorn instead of pouring half the bag into an empty one to share.  No one ever NEEDS that much popcorn, but it allowed us to have our own flavour if needed (which we chose the same anyway, so we could have just shared- great friends are alike!).

We wanted to go see "Something Borrowed".  I read all of the Emily Griffin books in this series last summer, while in Florida with Kathryn, Gary, Brayden, Graham and I, and as much as usually can't stand books like that, it was exactly what I needed at the time.  I had hopes that the movie would try to live up to the books, but was slightly disappointed (doesn't that always happen, but we wish it wouldn't?).

It was a great night out with one of my best friends, and although we felt OLD going to a movie at 6:45, we were almost alseep on the couch by 9:30, once we filled the boys in on the movie.

Isn't he just SO yummy? :)

Thanks Kathryn for always indulging in fun girls nights out with me!


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