Sunday, May 1, 2011

We're done with Leon's and moving up in the world!

Leon's furniture has been MORE than a nightmare for us since we first did business with them 1.5 years ago.  Long story short, we have gone through 11 couches with them in this time, all either damaged on delivery, damaged before leaving the warehouse, but delivered anyway, or damaged within weeks of receiving them.

Needless to say, after MANY complaints and phone calls and emails and photo taking evidence, we decided to DEMAND a refund and further credit for our nightmare and any other rectifying they could do for such hassles.  It turned out in our favour (finally) financially, and as they didn't want to deal with us anymore, so we had a good chunk of money to get better quality furniture, at a price we would have paid at Leon's in the end!

Off to Pier 1 we went when we got back from the honeymoon, as our old sofa was being picked by Thursday evening.  We amazingly also got some gift cards for Pier 1, along with credit from Leon's, so it made for a very fun shop.  We ended up buying the most GORGEOUS sofa, and are excited for it to be delivered within the next 2 weeks!  YAY!  We spent a lot of time asking about their customer service and complaints policy, as well as their warranty policy, and were happy with the results.  A lady was taking a table back that she purchased there 2 years ago, that had a slight crack in it (from her kids dropping something too hard on it and cracking the tile) and they took it back, telling her they stand beside their product AND THEN GAVE HER A NEW ONE!  Okay, DONE!

It's a beautiful chocolate brown and we purchased some killer pillows to accent it.  Now all we need to find is a coffee table!

We bought these pillows below, which look fantastic on the dark brown!
But I REALLY wanted these ones...I got VETOED immediately, as my husband says "we need to find a happy medium, not a girlie one".  Okay, dear!


Mary Beth

I love your choice! Bright and happy. Sorry the fun little purple one was vetoed :(so cute!

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