Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas with the Boss.

Every year (well more than that, Graham's lucky to have a GREAT boss!), his boss, Danny, takes us out for dinner.  It's always somewhere nice and he always suggests I either:

"Where something sparkly", or "Have fun dressing up".

He LOVES going out to dinner, later at night, and making a good few hours out of it.  He is one of the most intriguing people that I have ever met and I get more and more fascinated with him, everytime we get together.  He truly has had some hilarious and very entertaining life stories, that always keep me coming back for more!

His boss is very kind and very generous.  He always spoils me, everytime that we go out, usually showing up with a small gift on top of treating us to a deliciously, usually unaffordable meal (for us).  He tries to find out my favourite interests from Graham and then goes gift buying from there.  It's really sweet, and makes me REALLY appreciate how well Graham has it at his job!  Danny and I have a lot in common, work experience wise (off and on- from retail, to restaurant work, to public service) and we always have a good laugh.  He is always interested to hear what the "latest scoop" is and he is the most attentive person, when it comes to listening about it!

Tonight was no exception!  He ran into us, walking from the TTC station, while we were parking our car.  He greeted us, I asked him how he was, to which he replied, "I'm doing great...enough about me!  How are YOU?  I can't tell if you're showing under that coat, but I can't wait to see and ask questions"!  HILARIOUS!  The evening was spent, talking about things baby, how I was feeling, what I was eating and what we had planned for the nursery.  He was FASCINATED.  ADORABLE!  He spoils his nephews to death (he isn't married and doesn't have kids) and very proudly talked about each of them.  It really warmed my heart to hear someone talk so lovingly about their family and be so interested in someone else's life, out of true, genuine care.

We had a fantastic meal (mmm...steak!  I can't get enough of it lately, and I usually don't eat red meat!), great conversation, so many laughs and new memories made.  We exchanged gifts (he never gives it to Graham, always to me, as we are both Christmas lovers!) and he got me the most beautiful, handpainted ornament, that almost gave me tears.

I really hope that Graham remembers down the line and really appreciates his boss, as he's really got ONE-OF-A-KIND.


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