Sunday, December 18, 2011

Graham's taken to DIY...

While I am BEYOND reluctant to have him try any BIG projects (thank goodness we can't reno this house!!!), he has been doing a lot of DIY projects for the baby room, which I love.  It has been nice for him, for me to go to work on weekends, as it leaves him to take his time doing projects in the "baby's room".  While I'd LOVE if he would start one project and finish it before starting another, I am just thankful that he is enjoying himself while doing it!

So far, he has taken our old dresser from the spare room, sanded it down, stained it, re stained it, varathaned it and is working on coat #2. (I have been taking photos of this along the way, but will post upon completion)

He has taken off the bedroom door, tried to sand it (cheap door, wouldn't even allow sanding), try to plane the cheap paint off, and then gave up, going to Home Depot (my LEAST favourite store), to buy paint that he could use to paint over it.  He plans to paint it, resand it evenly and then put a good coat of paint on afterwards.  (again, my hard working husband deserves another post all of it's own of this, as it's been the bain of his existence lately).

Lastly, today, I came home from work and he put a fresh coat of white paint on all of the trim, window and built in shelving.  It looks so fresh and clean, making the blue that's already been in the room, a much more mute, almost gender neutral colour.  Almost, because while blue is generally a "boy's" colour, we are using it as a "sky" colour with our theme for the nursery.  We will add gender specific items once baby is born!

So thanks babe for all of your hard work!  It looks amazing and I can't wait to post pictures of the completely finished nursery once it's all done!


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