Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Honey Do" List/ My To Do list...

Graham is lucky to have 9 days off over Christmas.  I have to work here and there, this week, so he has a few days by himself as well.  We both had a "to do" list of what we'd "like" to have done, as well as some ideas of what needed to get done, over this time...

I made a list this week (does anyone else love crossing things off as much as I do???) and so far, in 3 days, we have crossed off 1/3 of the list!  Success so far!

Some things on this list:
Buy a chair for the nursery
Paint nursery room door and rehang it
Re-organize the kitchen and store in rubbermaids anything we don't regularly use
Same for the basement AKA the "man cave"
Wash all bedding and spare bedding
Re-organize linen closet, bathroom/toiletry supply closet and throw out anything we won't ever use/is too old/half used
Do regular household chores
Pack away Christmas decorations
Take Christmas tree to curb and put away ornaments
Choose fabric for nursery furniture
Rehang towel bar that broke off the main bathroom wall
Store away all non-maternity clothes (I can't fit in ANYTHING non maternity anymore, so why waste the space on it for now!)

There are some other things, but that's all I can think of for now :)

Here's to hoping Graham can help me with the bigger stuff while he's off and I can "nest" and do the rest on the days I don't work, once he's back to work...


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