Friday, December 30, 2011

Time flies by!

It had been two months since we'd seen Brad, Sarah, Cole and Luke.  We couldn't believe how much time had gone by and how much the boys have changed, since we last saw them!  Luke was just a TINY little baby (6 days old when we last saw him) and Cole definetely had a lot of words/sayings, but has so many more now!  He's gone from baby, to toddler to little man, all in such a short time!

We met for breakfast in High Park and had a good few hours of time to catch up, open gifts and just have a great time with great friends.  The boys are getting so big, Luke, now 4 months old and so interactive and Cole 2 and a half years old!  Where has the time gone???

While Cole played shy for the first time ever (I don't know if it was because we were holding Luke at times and playing with him, or maybe just because his schedule was off), but he seemed to enjoy himself anyway!  He got some new toys from us and enjoyed playing with his Police car/station!

Luke is such a cutie and has the most fun little "coo" and giggle/smile.  He is such an easy going baby and Cole really seems to love Lukey very much!  It is so great to see them all together as a family, Sarah and Brad so content!

What a good way to start our end to the New Year.  Great time, with great friends!

Graham holding Luke, while he opens his presents!

Cole playing with his Police Car, while Daddy opens the station.

Cole's "are you seriously interrupting my video watching face"?

Me and Lukey!  He's SO cute!

The best picture Cole would let me have with him today :(

This is the hilarity of what happens when you take a video away from a very tired boy!

There's the Cole I remember!!!


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