Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas EVERYONE!

Today was a good, but strange day for us.  Christmas Day is usually either spent with my immediate family, or with the two of us and Mom and Dad.  It's tradition.  If it's not one, it's the other and we have never spent Christmas alone...not even in England.

As it's our last Christmas just the two of us, we actually surprisingly enjoyed the peace and quiet and relaxed pace of the day.  While we weren't with my family, we felt surrounded by family and loved ones, even without them being physically present.

I made a delicious breakfast (according to both of us) and it was so nice to sit down, have a full breakfast together and relax.  We were in our PJ's and felt no need to be presentable for anyone.  JOY!

We got up and opened some gifts that Mum had sent from England.  She is AWESOME at picking out the most fun things and spoiling us.  Baby Clarke got a few stocking stuffers too, some really cute toys and our first "soft" baby book!  Graham is getting MORE and MORE excited everyday now, so it is really fun to see baby stuff slowly coming in and him finding it's place in the nursery!

We spent a few hours on SKYPE (most amazing invention EVER), talking with Dad and Lil in Crete, then Mum and Tom in England.  We haven't talked with them in a month, so a lot has changed (my body shape especially, which made them so excited to see!) and it was great to catch up and feel like we could at least catch up by video call.

We then spent time opening stockings with each other and prepping for Christmas dinner.  We had some snacks throughout the day and the smells in our house were TO DIE FOR.  Graham spent some time relaxing and reading his new photography magazines and I had a perfect short nap!  BLISS.

By the time dinner was ready, we were both so excited!  We wished that the smells in the house could be all bottled up, but we'd have to do with eating and enjoying every bite instead.  I have to say...that Graham HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK this year, on almost every aspect (the roasties being a bit too spicy).  I seriously, could have eaten an entire pot of the cabbage dish, which for me, is not common.

Here is the amazing meal, that Graham rocked this year!

Jamie Oliver's Jerk Ham...the smell was out of this world!

Graham so proud (as he should be), as it turned out PERFECT!

Our table all set up for dinner!  Me with sparkling pear juice and Graham with his wine...

Graham's full plate!

My plate, minus the cabbage on the side!

Ridiculously delicious cabbage and apples!

You can't have roast dinner without the gravy!

Last, but NOT least, the amazing, Caramel Apple Cheesecake!

It was an INCREDIBLE meal.  He did us proud!  We made some tips for next year, as well as have leftovers for sandwiches, soups, stock and just to snack on!  While it was quiet, it was a great meal, full of good conversation and memories between the two of us, we will treasure forever!


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