Saturday, December 10, 2011

A large request!

For months now, I have been prepping for what was going to be a VERY large order of baked goods, chocolate and treats for an event.  I had agreed to do it, before knowing I was pregnant and when I found out I would be 5 months pregnant doing this order, I got very nervous as time went on...

I knew if I made a master plan (yes, it involved spreadsheets, WORD documents and many, many lists), that I could accomplish it, probably under high stress in the last moments, but I had hopes that I could do it.

Well, I can safely say that I finished the entire order, with time left to spare.  It made for some VERY late nights and long days after work during the week leading up to the event and a VERY early morning (4am) on the day of, to fresh bake cupcakes, make buttercreams and organize how we'd fit everything in the car.  When I put the last bit of buttercream on the last cupcake, I sighed a small sigh of we still had an hour and a half drive to get everything there safely!

This order consisted of:

8 dozen whoopie pies: 4 of them red velvet and 4 chocolate and cream

20 bags of bark: Dark Chocolate Cherry, Oreo, Peppermint and Marshmallow & Raisin

4 dozen cake pops: Christmas Cake, Triple Chocolate and Black Forest (sadly, I was too busy to take them in the process or before they were bagged).

20 bags of Chocolate covered licorice: White, Dark and Milk Chocolate

Homemade Marshmallows: Peppermint and Coffee

20 bags of Homemade Caramel Corn

and last, but not least...

16 dozen cupcakes: 4 dozen Very Vanilla, 4 dozen Chocolate Mint, 4 dozen Chocolate Caramel and 4 dozen Lemon Meringue

And some pictures, which I stole from my amazing sister-in-law who ran the event that this order was for... (NOTE: not all of the treats displayed in this picture are mine...people from her church, have some SERIOUSLY good talent too!!!  I was dying, looking at those cheesecake pops!)

While I learned a lot, was exhausted, had a lot of fun, was challenged, completed it ALL BY MYSELF (with some bagging help from Graham), I don't think I could EVER do an order that big again.  Bits and pieces of it for sure, but that's a lot for one person and one home kitchen!

Needless to say, our kitchen and diningroom was a baking haven and disaster for a solid week.  I was so happy to have my kitchen/diningroom back, when all was said and done (so was Graham).


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