Thursday, December 8, 2011

Officially Halfway!

I can't believe it!  Time in the first trimester went by so slowly.  Everyday we waited to hear the heartbeat and get past the scary stage, felt like years.  Now that we've gotten to see little "squidge" a few times, it is all seeming more real...that and my expanding waistline won't let me forget.

We've had a few bumps in the last couple weeks, with me not feeling too well off and on, but mostly, it's getting more exciting.  I've felt baby move almost daily now (it's still sporadic and baby is at my back with the placenta in between it and my belly button, so it will take longer to feel kicks on the outside) and it is such a neat feeling.  At first, it felt like bubbles and now it feels like little tickles or the occasional jab.  Tuesday, I swore that I felt the baby flip around and sure enough, at today's ultrasound, they confirmed that baby is now facing forward again.

We've gotten to hear the heartbeat multiple times, which is amazing each and everytime.  We've also been told that if we want to know what "squidge" is, we the radiologist has released this info to the midwives!  Nice to know that we could if we wanted, but for's a secret.

I see the midwives on Tuesday and will get the results from our anatomy or 20 week scan then.  What we do know, that the techs would tell us, is that baby is still measuring 5 days ahead (3rd ultrasound confirming this) and it has big feet (no surprise there, I'm a size 10/11) and long legs (again, no surprise there, both Graham and I have long legs).  I had to have a repeat today, due to not being able to see the stomach last week, and since baby has flipped, we got an awesome profile shot!!!!!!  It's crazy how much baby has grown.

Can't wait for Tuesday to find out everything else (like estimated weight of baby so far and length, as well as heartrate and growth percentiles).

For now, here's a comparison from our first ultrasound, to this one (hopefully our last, unless they have to check baby's position down the road)...however, we will be doing a 3D ultrasound as eachother's Valentine's present :)

Teeny, tiny baby at 9 weeks 2 days.

Baby at 20 weeks!  It's got a little button nose, big eyes, cute lips and look at that spine!  It's hands were waving away and legs were crossed and rocking itself to sleep! 


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