Monday, December 26, 2011

Mosselman family Christmas...

This year's traditions were changed and we had Christmas at Scott and Stephanie's, instead of Mom and Dad's.  We hope that it was a nice break for Mom and Dad, not having to do so much prep work, cleaning and hosting/dishes.  I know that we REALLY appreciated Scott and Stephanie hosting it, as well as all of the food, drinks and fun that was had.  Thanks guys!  Can't wait for next year at our house!

Christmas for the last two years, has involved the too much, serve too much, laugh some, make memories, open gifts and just relax.  We usually play a family game, but this year, we couldn't find one that we really wanted to buy to keep the tradition running.  There was however, the return of...


Stephanie made us balls of wool last year and sewed our initials into them.  These balls were to be handed out amongst us and would be hidden by someone else.  Once all the balls were hidden (in no more than 3 rooms in the house), we all make a run for it and try to find our ball.  The last one to find it, has to wear the UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER.

Last year, Mom lost and REALLY did not want to lose again.  Fair enough.  This year, we all searched high and low (with some of them being in REALLY obvious places), finding them one by one.  There were two co-conspirators this year (*ahem* Jenn and Allan), but they learned their lesson...Allan lost!  What a trooper he was, wearing that sweater.  It's a tough find, when SCOTT is the one hiding your ball!

He wears it SO well :)

Their GORGEOUS tree, with our boatload of loot underneath!!!

Dad, looking quite relaxed!

Mom, laughing at...I don't know what, but she looks like she's having fun!

We know Mom would be happy about their KEURIG...she wouldn't stop talking about buying one since November!  I had to think of every creative solution in the book to NOT get her to buy one!

Great Christmas!  Thanks everyone so much for spoiling everyone!  It was a great day and we can't wait for next year!


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