Thursday, December 22, 2011

You've got MAIL!

Both Graham and I LOVE to get mail!  Not the kind that's bills or bank statements, but good old fashioned snail mail.  I USED to be REALLY good at sending letters, cards or small parcels in the mail, but have gotten out of the habit of it.  I think it's time to start it up in the New Year again, as I really miss it.

This Christmas, we have felt so loved and blessed.  We have received so many cards and photo cards in the mail, our fridge displaying them all VERY proudly!  Our friends have some VERY cute children and families and we truly love getting their updates in the mail!

Today however, we got the first parcels that we have gotten in a LONG time.  Every year, Mum (G's Mum, my Mother-In-Law), puts so much effort into finding "stocking" stuffers for us, wrapping them in colour specific wrapping for each of us and putting them in boxes with the Royal Mail.  We know she thinks of each gift carefully and we are so extremely appreciate of this.  Graham's favourite things by far, is always the MARZIPAN FRUIT.  So cute! He gets excited every year, hoping that they arrive in the box(es). 

This year, they all arrived ON TIME!  We were not only surprised to see them (we made a rule, no more gifts!), but that they all got here before Christmas!  Two years ago, we got one on December 23rd, one on New Year's Eve and another sometime in January!  They were all mailed the same day!

We are thrilled and feel spoiled that this Christmas, we will have something extra special to open, as we are alone on Christmas Day.  While Christmas is not about presents to us, the excitement, is just like when we were kids!

Can't wait to post about what's inside!


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