Sunday, December 4, 2011

HOLY Griswald house in Pickering!!!

I kept hearing about these two houses in Pickering that are always on the news at Christmas time, for their amazing lights on their house.  All of my co-workers talk about them, know where they are and repeatedly recommended to go there anytime after December 1st, as they will be all lit up.

While we went for our drive through the neighbourhood on Friday, I am just getting around to posting about this house now.  We haven't seen their neighbours house lit up yet, so we will have to take another drive this week.

While driving around, we initially passed the house, but immediately turned around, as it was blaringly obvious where it was!  It was light up night there and it was like NOTHING I have ever seen!  I immediately had to send a picture to my sister-in-law, Stephanie, as one of her favourite movies is, "Christmas Vacation" with Chevy Chase.  Seriously, if you are EVER in the area, you NEED to see this house and the neighbours.  Even if you're not, COME ON OVER!

I love that they have made so much good out of their house display, taking donations of food and money for the local Food Bank.  Last year they collect over 4000 pounds of food and $4000.  They have over 50,000 lights and the cost of running this, was my biggest question.  Surprisingly, if you check out their website, it's substantially less than I'd ever imagine!

Check out !!!  But for now, look at this photo!  It's amazing!


Sundee Himburg

WOW Great picture! My eyes hurt looking at it! LOL

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