Thursday, October 27, 2011

Baby Clarke's first appearance...

I guess it's time, now that our GREAT news is out, that our little "squidgel" (what Graham used to call squirrels) makes an appearance over here...

I keep getting asked how I am feeling and honestly, I am so happy that God has blessed us with this baby, that I couldn't care less, how I feel right now!!!!!!!  I'll take anything that comes at me, with hope and prayers that it's not super difficult.  It's been a journey to get here and we feel very blessed.

Things have been going pretty good, growing our little one daily.  The hardest weeks, I THOUGHT, were weeks 6-8.  I.WAS.EXHAUSTED.  My thyroid has been going NUTS.  I keep hearing, "Don't worry, you'll get your energy back in the 2nd trimester". 


I'm there and unfortunately, am more exhausted than EVER.  I thought I kicked nausea's butt to the side, but the last 10 days, have come on with a vengance...maybe because I am getting more and more hungry as days go by.  I eat and I swear 30 minutes later, I could eat a whole meal again!  IT'S CRAZY!

We have been very blessed to share some AMAZING moments with our family in this process, even though they are all over the world.  We have some classic annoucements on video and have shared some laughter and a LOT of tears in the last 14 weeks.  We are VERY thankful for the love and support of everyone.

Yesterday was one of the most special moments that I could have imagined at this time.  I had the chance to take Mom with me to our ultrasound.  It was something that was such a special moment for the both of us and baby danced, flipped and showed us everything was growing just fine!  It's amazing to see a little heart beating away, the brain developing, eyes forming and cute little hands and feet!  WOW!  I get tears everytime and the icing on the cake was both of us hearing that little heart beat away!

Here's our little Squidgel!  Below is a picture of me yesterday!  I have started to pop, which Graham JUST LOVES!  He's counting down the days till baby kicks and can't stop talking to ANYONE and EVERYONE about becoming a Dad.  It's amazing how much more you can fall in love with someone!

Baby was flipping upside down and hiding it's face...until it fell asleep!  It was rolling and flipping and then when Mom came in, it started rubbing it's eyes and rocked itself to sleep.  What an amazing thing to watch!

Close up view of the whole body.  Baby fell asleep here! Arms in the air, legs curled up and pursing it's lips.  The techs loved it's little belly forming and big "puppy dog" eyes.  So cute.

Yup.  That's me at 13 weeks 5 days.  I am nervous to pop this early, knowing I will only get bigger, but at least the belly panels on maternity pants keep it looking a bit smaller than it is.  It was fun to have an ultrasound and know that the baby has moved from my pelvis (where it was last time), to between my kidneys and belly button!!!

Oh DEAR!  Here's to hoping Squidgel doesn't grow as big as I will!


Jenn Dickenson

you look beautiful! fun to see my little niece or nephew!

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