Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Craft time and Play time!

Today was a busy day!  It was filled with potty training, book shopping (Once Upon a Child is amazing.  If you've never been, GO!  I got 10 books, a few that are old favourites of mine for under $20 and in GREAT condition!  Love, love, love that place.  What's wrong with gently used, when you can save so much $$$?!?!?!  It was a bit hard to pull Cole out of there, without him wanting to buy EVERYTHING, but we managed to leave with just books.  I gave him the $20 I had in my wallet and told him that we could only buy stuff, that was less than that amount.  He loved getting to hold the money and pay the lady at the counter!

We then went to go and pick up a few craft items, so that when Graham got home, we could do some crafts (what else is there to do when it rains NON stop?).  We found some fun ones at the dollar store, finishing the afternoon, by going out for lunch!  Cole had a nice nap in the afternoon and then we walked to go and pick up Graham from work!  He was so cute, as 2 minutes before we ran into Graham, outside of work, it started to rain.  I bent down at one point, not really hearing what he was saying, to which Graham came up and said, "Is Cole singing, it's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring"?  YUP!  so cute!

We got home, had dinner, did crafts and then played downstairs.  The "man cave" as Graham calls it, became a soccer field, with Cole and Graham wrestling each other to the ground to get the ball and score against each other.  It was fun to take photos, sit on the sidelines and really see Graham have fun.  He's going to be an INCREDIBLE Dad!

Time for some hand plastering!  I wasn't sure if Cole would like it, but he was so giddy!

Pure fun, boys getting their hands dirty!

While, I forgot to take a picture of the finished product, it was SO cute and he was so proud that I carved his name in it afterwards!  While, it's a bit of a better craft if you're older, he LOVED it!

All clean and time for some cuddles with Lee-Anne!

Soccer time, downstairs!  Cole "specially" picked out these pyjamas for the "game"!

There were SO many moments of HYSTERICAL laughter!  What a face on this boy!

Wrestle time!  Boys WILL be boys!

At this point, he was giggling SO MUCH, we were worried about him being too hyper to go to bed.  1 hour of trying to settle him later, proved us right!  All we heard from his monitor in that hour was, "I not READY for bed!  I AWAKE!  HELLO?  Time to play again!".  HILARIOUS!

What a fun night had at the Clarke's!


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